Wack but up.

When I was 20 and dating A’s dad, he was a graffiti artist. Artist usually have a moniker they tag up and often artists belong to a crew that has a moniker of it’s own. He told me once when they were younger and first starting out, he and friends started a crew called WBU or Wack But UP. Meaning that because they were new to the game their art was wack but, it was up.

That’s how I feel about my writing and blogging. Wack but up.

I think, as a mother, it’s so important to have a creative outlet. I started to write to challenge myself creatively. Let’s face it, my skills have deteriorated. I could use some practice. Writing on a public forum kinda scares the shiz out of me. Putting my words and myself out there…. EEEK! My attitude is, if it scares me then I better do it. And you my sweet readers are the lucky recipients of that step. So, THANK YOU for putting up with my bad grammar, punctuation and fragmented sentences. I appreciate you!

I recently updated my “About Me” section cause my old one was pretty weak sauce.

Always a work in progress over here. 🙂

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