Niña Osita, I have stated before, is fully self expressed. The good and the bad. When it’s good. It is soooo good.

The other day we were walking through Costco. Halloween has now passed so, of course, the holiday decorations are out in full effect. We came upon the display where there was a larger than life Christmas Tree, reindeer, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and a snow man, completely lit up. The moment her eyes came in to contact with that display, the wheels came off…

“Mom! Look! A Christmas Tree!!” (Insert high pitched SCREAM, one that would put any heyday Beatle’s fan to shame) “OHMYGOSH IAM SO EXCITED” (Shreik!!!) “SQUEAKY MOUSE!!!!!!!!!” (It’s was she call Minnie – Scream, Jumps up and down) “SQUEAKY MOUSE OH MYGOSH!! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!” (People are pointing and looking at us, but not in a annoyed way, they are totally adoring my child)

She stops in her tracks, grabs my hand, looks at me, rubs her face on my hand and says,” Oh thank you thank you! Thank for Christmas! Thank you for bringing me here”.

I am more excited than ever for the holidays. This is the first ear she is going to actually “get it”. Watching it through her eyes is going to be amazing!

I wish I could bottle that unlimited, unfiltered joy and excitement. I hope she never loses that.

Wordless Wednesday – Waterproof

My mother is Filipino and I lived in a the Philippines for a few years growing up. I still have family there and from what I have heard, everybody is OK. But there so many who aren’t ok. So many are devastated. Please help if you can. Thank you.