Bath time breakthrough

S has a love/hate relationship with bath time. She loves to play with her toys and be in the bath tub but she has always been wary about water. It took her months before she allowed herself to sit in the bath, always standing in the shin high water and playing. When she finally sat her bottom in the water, we considered that a milestone achievement. In the last few months she has even dared to submerge her body and proudly say, “Look Momma! I’m swimming!” ┬áThe one thing she has never been ok with is rinsing and washing her hair and face. She always exhibits a bit of panic when the rinsing cup is filling up and tries to run away when I wash and rinse her hair.

Today I tried something different. Today I gave her a cup and said, “Rinse your own hair”. She loved that idea! She filled it up and brought it close to her head and dumped it. The water barely hit her face but she was delighted and attempted again and again. While she was “rinsing” her own head, I grabbed my own cup and started rinsing and washing her hair. She was laughing the whole way!

S is incredibly independent. She is constantly furrowing her brow trying to figure everything out. Giving her a little control over her fear was a perfect idea for her. I wish I had thought of it sooner!