Reality. The End of Future Baby.

There’s a reason why you should keep your mouth shut about your pregnancy till your past 12 weeks because life happens… or doesn’t happen.

 My husband, S and I went to our 8 week appt. The first! The one where you get to hear and see the little baby you have been imagining in your head. We went through 90 minutes of it and then the grand finale, The Ultrasound!

 Our doctor is guiding us through the ultra sound. Here’s your uterus and, here’s the baby and then she stops, her facial expression changes to searching and a little puzzled and then a little panic, and I know.

 “What’s wrong?”

 “I see the baby but I can’t find the heart beat”.


 She showed us what she was seeing on the monitor. There was the baby and no heartbeat. No blood moving to and from the baby. She brought in another doctor for a 2nd opinion. I went into surgery the next day and been recovering ever since. We are all ok, obviously it’s a sad situation but we have a handle on things. I am “advanced maternal age”, statistically it’s 1 in 3 pregnancies with this result. 

 That being said I need to change the name of my blog. I have decided to change it to “Two Birds”. I know once I lose my url I may lose some content. Hopefully you can find me after the switch which will slowly transition over the next week.