Unintentional hiatus

…and then all of a sudden it was almost August.

Where has the summer gone? I feel like I have been in a Tasmanian devil whirlwind and I have just been released. The past 6 weeks have been full of fun, family and travel. Hubby, S and myself journeyed to San Diego for a week. After that Hubby and I went on a much needed “Parent’s Only” long weekend to Victoria B.C. I have attempted potty training, had a grounded teen, spent 4th of July week on Vashon Island, many trips to many different Seattle parks and my Dad just left after a whole week visiting. Not to mention Hubby running his business and we are dealing with the realities of life. Phew!! Busy and fulfilling times. I keep a tumblr that documents all the other things I’m doing when I’m not writing about my children. Here —>  http://songforthefeast.tumblr.com/    …..if you feel so inclined. 🙂

I’m looking forward to things slowing down for a bit. On Saturday, A leaves to camp for 2 weeks, I have no house guests coming and no real plans expect to hang out with some friends and to bask in the Seattle summer. Hopefully, I can make some time to catch up on my parental adventures.